Notes sans Portee [1997]

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Vaneigem, Raoul and Roure, Roland. Notes sans Portee. Bruxelles: La Pierre d’Alun, April 1997. 73 p.; ill.; 16 x 23 cm.; cream wrappers with text in black. In sheets.

For the thirtieth title in its «Pierre d’Alun» series, the small Belgian publishing house brings together former Situationist Raoul Vaneigem (Belgian, 1934-) and French artist Roland Roure (French, 1940-) for a celebration of pleasure.

Since «Le Livres des Plaisirs», Vaneigem has indeed made hedonism his trademark: human beings should seek out pleasure, even though modern society does everything in its power to deny it to them. The first sentence sets the tone: «Le desir est semblable a l’enfant. Sa naissance est l’acte de vie par excellence. Cependant, tout est aussitot mis en oeuvre pour empecher son envol, lui rogner les ailes et le trainer vers la mort comme si elle etait son destin ineluctable» (p.9).

600 numbered copies, including 50 signed an numbered by the artists…

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