Interview with Moishe Postone: «Critique and Dogmatism»

Modern anti-Semitism is not really the theory of the inferiority of Jews; it is a theory of the power of Jews…

There existed a fascist form of “anti-imperialism”…

In my understanding, anti-Semitism therefore is a reactionary populist form of anti-capitalism. ..

That – to the dismay of many progressives in the Middle East –some people on the Left are aligning themselves with reactionary forces such as Hezbollah and Hamas indicates the degree to which the Left has lost its moral and political compass…

One of the things I found very eye opening about the Grundrisse, to go back to the beginning of our interview, was that Marx was not simply interested in the end of exploitation of the proletarian labor but rather in the abolition of this labor. Most interpretations of surplus value missed this point…


In the beginning of 2011 I spent three months at the University of Chicago, studying under the supervision of professor Moishe Postone, my foreign advisor on PhD. As times pass ones outlook and theoretical perspective inevitably changes and many of the views I held at the time are now different or gone. Nonetheless professor Postone still remains a source of great inspiration, especially from the perspective of posing the right questions that remain valid as ever. At the time I used the opportunity to conduct an interview that was published in the student newspaper Tribuna, of which I was an editor in charge (2009 – 2011, an interesting story on its own, that deserves to have its own article). Anyway, the interview was never published in its original, i.e. in English. For someone that is already well acquainted with the work of Postone it probably won’t be that interesting…

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